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Mind, Body, Soul- The entire design aims at manifesting design into these three spheres of a human being. Site is situated in the lap of nature facing a valley with a waterfall alongside. Opening its arms to fresh breezes and mild yet revitalizing sunlight through the day. As the contours wrap the land parcel, the design accentuates its curves to the users. Each step and level opens its users to new horizons and views. For such a dynamic site, the most suitable activity is to indulge into a peaceful symphony of nature, tuning oneself to its frequency of bliss.


Hence, the proposal flaunts the design of a “Research Institute for Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astronomy''.” The combination is rare yet very specifically enlightening to see the mix of three vedas involving the Body(Ayurveda) , Mind(Vedic Astronomy)  and Soul(Yoga).

Department building design theories:


Ayana, Astronomy - All creation is life, movement & Work. The vedic study of celestial bodies and the ayana of planets. Skies are not the limits. So, rise high and explore the unexplored. “Unimaginable” is this study, so will its architecture be.


Aayu, Ayurveda - It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and the cycles of nature, as well as the elements of therapy. An amalgamation of elements of nature into the human body for the “ayushya”. Architecture is an art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, spaces to act as a mediation by igniting imagination and sensory thought.


Yog, Yoga - The nature of Yoga is to shine the light of consciousness into the darkest corners of the body. Understanding the relationship between philosophy and physicality of the practice of Yoga and Architectural design principles.


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A space is about experience and experience is about emotions and senses. Emotions are very personal stories of each person, having nothing to do with the choice of the designer.  Design- stitching the experience of emotions and senses. A school is a second home, their attachment to those spaces is invaluable. They learn to distinguish all their experiences based on their emotions attached with the place. Each space, step, even a tile makes a lot of difference.

important spaces(Miscellaneous)

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The meaning of the lotus flower comes from the way the flower grows in nature. It starts off as a bud under murky waters and grows until it emerges as a blooming flower. Such is the human mind, especially while learning. Once must face all the hurdles and do hard work to come out as a blooming flower. The Lotus renders this process with flamboyance and elegance, as if it has nurtured with complete ease, yet so beautifully. So the design grows on the site like a lotus. Structures juxtapose to give view of a blooming lotus soaring to heights flanked by huge mountains around.


The entire design stands on the pillars of upholding Nature, Highlighting structural elements and humans, juxtaposed views to make interfaces experiential fuelled with highlighted sensory emotions. Healing, Connection and Comforts are other important principles.

drawing board

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Human Centered Design is all about humans, their emotions, stimuli perception and response. This proposal completely stands on this base of design for humans. The whistling sounds of water that flows down the curves of the contours to water bodies on the site, the rustling of trees as they sway along the winds that glide over the land- channeled between the structures, the smell of the aromatic herbs and trees that edge the botanical garden towards the streets enchanting the pedestrians on their way to the respective destinations, mild sunlight through the cutouts keeping the skin warm in coldest climates - all of these in totality carve an experience worth the journey. The design paints the memory to all parts of the body.


Forward Thought Design? Yes. A step towards contextualizing, a step towards understanding resourcefulness, a step towards human empathy is a big leap towards a healthy and happy family of humans. A sustainable approach takes shape only when the soil, the resources and the materials are sought of the site, born around the place. The entire project uses materials that can be fixed, made or installed at the site- using the existing trees and slopes to make it both- economical and resourceful. Channeling rainwater and reusing it for all activities makes the best use of the slope- the context.

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