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Red Wall & Stairs


Antara means "conjunction"; it is used to display the emotions and beauty of any form of Art, especially, music. It is the intermediate space, a symbiosis in itself that makes the composition meaningful.



The city of Bangalore, busy in its ambitious crowd has always had a rhythm in its flow- from 9-5 work shifts, there's the other 5-9; from beautiful independent villas to enormous skyscrapers- it makes space for all. The heavy traffic on NH4 and the busy public in their towers, look up to the limitless sky as a common goal. The Sky brings the clouds, the rain, the light and one collective inspiration for all. The vast pause brings peace.


So, once in a while, when there is a pause, people draw inspiration. A pause is a space, a canvas to draw, build and inspire; to create a loop of self-sufficiency. This site is literally a pause in a busy city- a perfect spot for an architect to draw inspiration within and even radiate out. The design aims to reach heights, with strong foundations and a barrier-free wandering. It replicates the character of the city at large and an architect in essence. From Botanical gardens of Bangalore to Brick sizes in Buildings, everything, at all scales craft the experience in the campus.

drawing board

It stands as a laboratory of different materials and architectural styles woven together as a social and educational fabric for its respective users to seek an experience of each, in itself - an Antara in between the continuous lines.

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rendered visuals

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