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Threading Process


Can art have a form? 
Can it have feelings?
Can it have an expression? 
It definitely has a representative. 

He has form, feelings, expressions and an world to deal with. Can Art and Artisan be separated? They need each other just equally. Like the threads of a cloth weave amongst themselves-interlinking and binding each other, the artisan and art are bound. 

The world of loom weaves the threads of art, artisans, their families, traditions and the society together. Even if a strand breaks, the cloth has a hole. Inevitably, the weave has to go on to make a cloth. The artisans, their families (children- the next generation) and all the students of trained art need to continue this weave. Let no scissor cut the threads till the cloth is ready. 

Keeping all the pollutants away, enriching each thread of the cloth, this textile industry emerges.


Slide to see Conceptual massing

Construction techniques such as

Jali Walls, North light Windows, Ventilators, Double walls, Sunshades, Arcades, Automated solar responsive louvers, Consecutive terraces, Hollow Brick walls, Hollow slab  and

Courtyards have been employed to make the design not only Contextual, but also technologically sound, economic and environmentally sustainable.

Click to download drawing document.

drawing board

Turn on sound. (Recorded in Mehrangarh fort)

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