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The word 'unsettle' is unsettling. It not only indicates a lack of order, but also a feeling of uneasiness that can be permanent or temporary. And, for over 65 million people in the world today, being unsettled implies both definitions, in the most tangible sense. To be a refugee doesn't come with knowing where you'd want to be in the next five years or so, it is to find the present, and where, if not at a decrepit cyclone shelter?


As a Part of Unsettled Exhibition’s Board game- due to course of circumstances and compilation of cards from stories of refugees, I receive a character- Mrs.B, the protagonist of my story- the user of my design.


User- Mrs.B, has spent her life running. Always a subject to denial, torture and shock she has survived till she reached this point. Raped, married by a broker, prosecuted many times and tortured throughout her life, she finds this piece of 5x5m plot to life with her family. Denied of basic rights, she stands for a shelter. She needs more than just a shelter. Not only does she need a roof over head, she also needs pillars of support- economic, societal and mental.


Daily Schedule


Hailing from Myanmar, she is equipped with the skill of making Unani Medicine. Taking this skill as a cue, the design develops a tool house- a combined home & work area that earns her daily bread. Providing her family basic income and security, the house stands as a support. The building materials and construction techniques too are quite labor friendly and can be built in lowest capital investment.

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