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Red Living Room


CONTEXT – Mental Wellbeing is reinforced by Quality of Materials and Space. Space is not just a volume with certain measurements. It is dimensionless and complex – an amalgamation of experiences of the users. Without the user, it is nothing but a barren, memory-less entity. Only Memories and Materials make spaces. Human, nature and animal interventions are inter-twined. Similarly, a Mind, just like the earth is soluble with thoughts. Cheerful, happy and hopeful thoughts bring brightness even in the darkest spaces, whereas, Anxious, helpless and disturbing thoughts fill the individual with deadliest ideas. Only nature, its light and a loved one’s comfort can kill the dark thoughts. Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

CONCEPT The world is a stage; nature is the guide and humans play their roles in “their” comfort spaces. In this moment when the world is fighting an invisible enemy, every person is dealing with themselves and the changing ways of living every day in different ways. Each of us is adapting and unlearning old ways of life. Change is necessary to keep the world going. As we keep giving up all materialistic choices, we’re holding on more strongly to things we love dearly. Family, Passions, Memories are all we can rely on for true happiness. The quality of true love, adaptation and comfort are the major rules of earth, nature. One finds bliss in its wind, hope in its light, truth in its water, comfort in its shade and trust in its existence.

drawing board

APPROACH – Design to make spaces fueled with energy and let users define its character.


• Design began with the idea to find an apt space to develop. A space that will multiply the interactions yet provide solitude and privacy to a person alone. A space that seeks inspiration from nature and makes a symbiosis of experiences with loved ones, one’s own self, their passions and memories. Hence, a 4x6.2m space on the ground floor, abutting the external wall of compound, adjacent to staircase and set off the entrance made perfect sense (maximum user interaction @ entry verandah and staircase, privacy- as it is set off from the entrance and open to nature’s influences- as on external side)


• Sculpting the spaces to assemble a scoop of nature into the volume, produced a Waterbody, Vegetation Bed, Ceiling Cut-out and Brick Jali. These elements maximized the potential of life in the space. Elements of Design were introduced just to amplify the benefits of the space without forcing any alien character into the existing volume.

rendered visuals

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