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The proposal aims to design a Covid Health Care Isolation Facility. What plays the most Important Role when a person is isolated? Mental Health.

Few humans can live in isolation for a prolonged period of time, as it is associated with negative feelings, especially fear, and can lead to illness, and eventually early death. As social creatures, we need to connect, communicate, interact, and above all, be touched.


In the wake of COVID19, the entire world is locked down in isolation. It is worse for those who are suffering/suspected with disease. Life inside the isolation wards feels like in Jails and along with the physical health, even MENTAL health is affected. There's no escaping that noise in the head that amplifies the worst version of the Pandemic upon the person. Only Care and Comfort can normalize Mental Stress. What gives both to a person without physical touch? NATURE & ARCHITECTURE.


The idea is to create an atmosphere that elevates the level of peacefulness amongst patients. Which aids the healing process by allowing cleaner minds and a more confidence driven treatment for people. Thus, by making a more lively atmosphere aided by cleanliness, comfort and transparency, the spaces will treat patients' mental health with equal responsibility.


rendered visual

The design targets Quick Construction Facility as it is the need of the hour. With increasing cases day after the other, building the project at the earliest is mandatory. Hence, Precast members have been employed to realize the design Quickly, Cost effectively and able to Multiply in a Modular Format.


drawing boards

Slide to see all drawings.

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