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Hindu Celebration


India is a country with thousands of communities with various religious & social beliefs. It is a country whose people find invaluable joy in celebrating their traditions. From Ganesh Chaturthi to Durga Puja to Lohri to Muharram & Christmas, all are  enjoyed by people in gatherings & crowds. People take joy in being together.


With Social Distancing being the most important measure to curb the Virus, Is it an absolute NO to any social celebrations? Being locked down, people are even more anxious. Keeping them socially active is the only way to bring some peace to mind.


Design has been planned for 500 sqm area. This idea can be replicated at both large scale & Small scale utsavs. The proposed idea for religious gatherings can be used for Durga Puja, other upcoming Utsavs & at temple premises too for crowd circulation management pattern.

drawing board

Tackle with Architectural Design:

1. Multiply Entrance & Exits

2. Categorize the Crowd

3. Break the Circulation Pattern

rendered visuals

Hover cursor to see details

4. Continuously Guide the Crowd

5. Quick/Cheap Construction

6. Social Distancing

7. Sanitization of Devotees

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