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Architecture is
a dialogue of the times and a reflection of lives.


Smart Urban Cultural Insert
in the Heritage City of

Also known as Orugallu//ఓరుగల్లు

Tourist Map

The city of Warangal was also described in detail by Marco Polo during his visit to India. It has the famous Warangal fort, Swayambhu Temple. Rudreshwara Temple and many other amazing ancient structures that have been identified by UNESCO as well. It is one of the eleven cities in the country to have been chosen for the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme by the Government of India.

Warangal has a cultural connect-
bound gracefully various cultures through generations till today. The smart city is the next link to the chain.

Nihara Kantey, All India Radio Head

Smart City

Apart from being a heritage city, it has also been selected as a smart city in the "fast-track competition", which makes it eligible for additional investment to improve urban infrastructure and industrial opportunities under the Smart Cities Mission because of its fast scale of development. In terms of potential, Warangal provides great opportunities to explore the future with strings tied to its past- a development that needs to be driven towards a smarter city fueled by its own context, history.

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Master Plan

Warangal is diverse-
From Autowalas to Academicians, from Street vendors
to street rowdies and inti panollu(house-help) to intellectuals, everyone lives and works here. Each of them has a different expectation towards a Smart-Heritage City

Vinay Bhaskar, MLA Warangal


I hear Warangal's a Smart city program aims at developing an IT Hub. Let's explore the city to know it actually has good modern infrastructure worth investing in?

Miss. A
Tourist, Investor IT

Mr. B
Local, Historian

Warangal's rich heritage must always be the core value of the city. Let's visit the new city center to see 
if it upholds it.


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