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Maraal is Indian name for Flamingo, the characteristic representation of which is this housing project.

Home is not just a space, it is an Environment & an Attitude. 


East to West, Day to Night, the skyline change is massive. From Salt pans, mangroves at one end to City lights & High rises at another end, the transition of the urban scape is extremely variable. 

When the site has so many dynamics, why shouldn’t its design? 

Hence, the site is designed with foundation of contextual inspirations.

The buildings stand out gracefully as the Flamingoes in the creek and in clusters as the mangroves that can be viewed directly through each terrace. YES, Providing views to each flat, doing justice to every corner of the site. 

With community spaces like club houses, isolation parks, there's a great variety to explore!




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See how each space is articulated to make it highly functional and aesthetic with comfort conditions!

PLANS & spaces(Building Units)

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Home is a space where:

You connect with yourself on the days you can’t find peace

You connect with cheerful smiles across apartments

You choose corners on days you’re low and need rest

You may choose to spread out and relax on your busy days

There are other exciting days, when you call your friends to gossip, 

the stories & situations are endless, so will be your space.

Each unit's design is curated to make the best out of each space.


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“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of people & it is celebrated by being together.”

Central Core is just that space which emphasizes in bringing people-with varied interests together. When they cross paths, those chance interactions build relationships~ makes a whole. Never Zone “out” activities, Zone them “in” together, that makes spaces lively & valuable.


“In solitude, the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.”

Isolation Park is just that space where you can place your chaos to rest and awaken your inner peace. The most important tool used here is nature, context- blessed with healing power. Make spaces shout out loud, as well as whisper your secrets, the user then gets to choose.

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