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Envisioning a Smart Factory

Being concerned about job creation which requires supporting MSMES ( Small & Medium enterprises ) in affordable technology transformation for Industry 4.0 which won't necessarily work if we copy paste German or Japanese solution, a Smart Factory idea came to Surface.

Foreign technology is not adaptable and not affordable for average MSME in India especially under recent circumstances.

Marashala is an effort to find our own indigenous response which is empathizing with uneducated labour and cash stripped owners of MSME. This falls largely in line with Make in India Ideology of our current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.


A smart factory led by local ideals and targets makes a large impact on the progress of the country. One such case of an indigenous attempt has been started by envisioning Telangana state’s Basalt Stone Architecture at Ramappa Temple. Design has begun with the aim to develop a modular design that can be fabricated all over India with local materials- hence a parametric approach to design must be adapted considering the change in materials and manpower available at different locations in India.

drawing board

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